Sensual massages

Tous les massages sont exclusivement NO SEX

Massage T

Tantra Massage

In Tantra, the body is perceived as the temple of the soul.
In the tantric massage, it is treated and worshipped with deep
respect. Touch, in which is included the sexual dimension,
corresponds to the natural need to be perceived and accepted in our entirety.
It increases wellbeing and our own love.

We invite you to abandon yourself to deep relaxation, opening your senses.

Our tantra massagist

Massage Body bo

The Body-Body

Need to relax and unwind? The body-body massage can be a pleasant discovery for your body and your well-being.

The body-body massage is based on contact between the masseur and the massaged. It aims to be sensual, erotic and
relaxing. Various massage techniques are used to bring harmony between mind and body, to remove, at the same time, all tension caused by a hectic lifestyle.

our body body massagist

massage couple

The couple Massage

How to enjoy a moment of intense physical pleasure without
indulging in sex? With a sensual massage for couples, such fantasies are possible.
Imagine yourself in a secluded room, in the presence of one or more persons whose main objective is to offer a moment of well-being while providing intimate pleasure with no ambiguity.

Outstanding moments of pleasure sharing that enable you to enjoy this unique moment of relaxation.

Our couple massagist

massage réciproque

The Reciprocal Massage

Mutual massage is a real moment of sharing and complicity between the masseuse and yourself. All parts of your body will be stimulated during this sensual interlude. In a perfect symbiosis, the masseuse will use her whole body to massage you and provide extreme sensations. You can, subsequently, give her the same sensations by massaging your turn and avoiding her private parts. This is what is special about this technique. Live fully this moment in a naturist context. For a mutual massage session to be successful there must be a climate of confidence.

Our reciprocal massagist


Sensual Infinity Massage 4 hands

The incomparable sensations offered by a 4-hand massage are offered by two practitioners of well-being. This massage is unique in sensation. Our two masseuses will massage you simultaneously and in perfect synchronization by enveloping your body a total wellbeing. Your body will be surprised by their harmonious choreography that takes you to a quick and deep relaxation.
Then begins, your own inner journey …

our 4 hands massagist